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The blogpost articles here are about (but not limited to) the following:

Maternal/motherhood studies, maternal mental health, postpartum psychiatry and clinical psychology, pre- and perinatal psychology and health, motherhood psychology and research (especially from psychoanalytic perspectives), feminist motherhood studies, motherhood activism, literature and art, and new topics yet to be discovered – from a variety of disciplines as well as interdisciplinary approaches. In short, all things maternal, from all possible scholarly disciplines and activist perspectives.

I write about theories, research, new and old academic literature, fiction and other art forms, public debates and related news stories, and occasionally I also post musings with a more or less poetic feel if you will. The blog posts are inspired by the approach of the online journal Studies in the Maternal.

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4 thoughts on “About this Blog / Ways to Connect

  1. Hi Helena,

    I’m thinking that any network working on maternal subjectivity drawing from psychoanalysis would necessarily be pretty reasonably small. The particular areas of interest and expertise must be fairly broad and then a range of differences between countries (if we are talking about maternal and child health). It’s good to see your targeted blog and maybe that is a good place to start but I was wondering about the possibility of touching base via skype from time to time for a discussion of a particular topic? I wonder what you’re thoughts would be in this regard?

    Are you part of a local network of interest?

    Since graduating in 2010 I have found it difficult to find work within the health and welfare systems but I’ve set up a couple of online professional development courses (that have been accredited) and I’ve had some participants go through – but this has it’s own problems – separate to discussions of the course content.

    I know Petra Bueskens in australia (though we live in different cities). I have brought up this with her and will see what she has to say.

    or now, Joan G


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