Resources for New Parents

Here are links to my favorite free or low-fee online resources for new parents:

Bringing Light to Motherhood: Web-based app with lots of information and concrete self-help tools for planning the postpartum period, by Maternal Mental Health NOW. Available in English and Spanish.

Mom & Mind: Podcast on Perinatal Mental Health, hosted by Dr. Kat. Many amazing episodes with supportive information about any thinkable topic related to Perinatal Mental Health. I had the pleasure of being a guest on the show, where I talked about maternal ambivalence and how the body changes of motherhood affect us emotionally.

Postpartum Support International Helpline: Anyone can call or text the PSI Helpline. You can leave a confidential message and a volunteer will return your call and give you information, encouragement, and names of resources near you. Available in English and Spanish.

Virtual Support Groups: For a low fee, The Bloom Foundation offers virtual support groups for mothers who are unable to attend in person or prefer the online format. Different groups for Loss, NICU Moms, Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Moms of Multiples, and Birth Trauma.

Interview with Karen Kleiman: Alanis Morissette has a podcast titled “Conversations with Alanis”, and this episode is an interview with one of the leading experts in Perinatal Mental Health; Karen Kleiman.

Postpartum Stress Center instagram account: Karen Kleiman’s Postpartum Stress Center has an informative instagram account with touching “comics” about the struggles of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Read more about the comics and Karen Kleinman’s work here.

If you are in crisis and thinking about suicide, PLEASE REACH OUT! You matter! Your life matters! You do not have to suffer in silence! Call for yourself or someone you care about; free and confidential; network of more than 140 crisis centers nationwide; available 24/7: National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255.

You are not alone

It is not your fault

With the right help you will get better