For Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health Professionals: Somatic and Psychodynamic Consultation

Are you a Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health Professional interested in working somatically and psychodynamically? Or interested in getting help with the somatic countertransference that comes up in your work?

I have developed a somatic and psychodynamic model for Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health which also applies to consultation. I want to listen and understand the needs of you as a provider; whether you would be interested in a somatic and psychodynamic consultation group, and if so, what you would like for the format and content.

The group would focus on somatic and psychodynamic aspects of psychotherapy with the perinatal population, especially trauma treatment. This would be regardless of the modality you are using with the clients. In other words; you don’t have to do somatic or psychodynamic work to make use of the group. You can be working with other modalities and still make use of the group to address your own regulation and countertransference.

The focus would be on supporting participants processing their own somatic experiences related to the work and help participants regulate when working through challenging cases, especially trauma work. This also means the group would focus less on background details of the case and the “basics” of Perinatal Mental Health and more on the immediate experience you are dealing with as a provider. The idea is to create a group container and make use of the healing powers of group regulation to help participants navigate and understand the intense somatic countertransference that can occur in the work.

If you are interested in this, please fill out this form.


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