Somatic Therapy for Perinatal Mental Health

As of October 2020, I completed all training modules of the Somatic Experiencing trauma treatment training program, including all requirements for consultation and personal sessions. It’s been quite a journey to go through this training program, as it is much more than just a therapy technique. It’s an entire approach for living in a regulated way. During the training program, I have been adapting and developing the techniques specifically for one of my specializations; Maternal/Perinatal Mental Health. I continue to study somatic therapy and to adapt these techniques for new parents. I have been able to share some of this work recently.

  • I was interviewed for 10to12Babylounge where I offered concrete ideas for how new mothers can use somatic grounding techniques for self-regulation. Read the interview here.  
  • In the Spring of 2020, I did a webinar for Postpartum Support International (PSI). During the initial months of the pandemic, the majority of Mental Health Care transitioned to online/telehealth. PSI therefore launched a series of trainings titled “Teletherapy for Perinatal Mental Health”. Being experienced with both telehealth and somatic work, I offered a webinar on how to do online somatic work with new parents and how to work with grounding and self-regulation. My presentation is part of one of the webinars and is available for purchase for $30, with 20% off for PSI members and offering 2 CE hours credits. Read more here.
  • I recently did a webinar for Maternal Mental Health NOW for the 2020 Webinars Series. I presented with Dr. Alyssa Berlin who is also trained in Somatic Experiencing and specializing in Perinatal Mental Health. We talked about the somatic interventions for trauma-informed Perinatal Mental Health, the connections between trauma, self-regulation, and how to work with the particular conditions of the perinatal period. Read more here.


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