Somatic Therapy

I offer psychotherapy from several different schools of therapy (psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy), and I also offer somatic therapy either separately or integrated with therapy. You can read about the particular method of somatic therapy I use, Somatic Experiencing, here.

Somatic Experiencing is a trauma treatment method, but it is also effective for anxiety and self-regulation and a variety of issues. It is a very gentle approach and usually does not include touch (although some specialized Somatic Experiencing practitioners use touch. I don’t at this time). What the treatment is concretely is from the outside very similar to talk therapy: we basically sit and talk, but through guided exercises you are supported to develop body awareness, tracking of your nervous system, and grounding techniques, which can help alleviate anxiety, build resilience, and also resolve trauma. 

The training is a comprehensive and intensive program including six 4-day modules (3 Beginning and 3 Intermediate), two 6-day modules (Advanced), ongoing consultation and personal sessions. I have completed all training modules and requirements for consultation and personal sessions.

Somatic Experiencing integrate well with talk therapy. It brings in what is happening in the nervous system and the body, which is a crucial part of any psychotherapy meaning-making. I adjust the somatic techniques to your needs and goals.


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